3d Concrete Printing

3d Concrete Printing

Manage 3D concrete printed projects from structural design to assembly design to erection and site management.

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3D Printing the Office of the Future.

We at e.construct have been proactively pushing the adoption of this technology in the region. We take pride in having been the structural engineer and architect of record for the world's first functional 3D printed office and as co-founders of Concreative, the Dubai based concrete 3D printing company.



World's first 3D printed structure.
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Due to the absence of design codes for 3D printed structures, performance-based design was used. By testing full-scale sections the final design was adjusted based on the actual print strength, serviceability capacity and behavior. 

At the time 3D printed concrete was at its infancy and printed cartridges had to be shipped in from China which brought along its own set of logistical challenges.



Turn Key for 3D Printing.

e.construct’s team can initiate, plan, execute and manage 3D concrete printing projects from start to finish.



Start Project

Overall Design

As structural engineer e.construct was heavily involved in the structural design and testing process that made construction possible. 

Structural Engineering

Development of Erection Methodology

e.construct designs, develops and tests for an efficient step by step erection methodology that makes construction faster, better and safer.








Design of Connections



Concept: Building Services

Numerous efforts were made to integrate building services into the 3D printed structure.

Testing and Management of 3D Concrete Printing

Concrete samples and load-tests are carried out to ensure structural integrity and safety.

Carry out trial prints to optimize design.


Load-tests were carried out in China and Dubai


From Concept to Completion

Site supervision was carried out, fulfilling the design intent. We also make sure that construction is carried out smoothly and on schedule, with the best quality of services.

Finish Project 



Printing Concrete Locally.


Complex shapes and forms can easily be printed out of concrete.

Krypton Column designed by Marc Dalibar 

Manufactured by XtreeE


Co-founded by major firms in the local construction industry, Concreative, the new Dubai based concrete 3D printing company officially launched June 18th of this year. e.construct has partnered with Freyssinet a major shareholder and specialists in post-tensioning, along with DrawLink an architecture firm, to bring 3D printed concrete to the mainstream in the region.

The versatility of large-scale additive technology allows the quick fabrication of complex shapes that otherwise would have been impossible or too costly to develop.