Value Engineering

By iterative design, we improve the way traditional engineering is done. Our systematic process produces alternative structural systems, precast concrete solutions and detailed construction methodologies. We bring different disciplines together to create an integrated understanding that considers the entire building.

Econstruct Value Engineering

Structural Engineering

We offer our expertise in structural design of complex structures, whether cast in place, precast, pre-stressed or post-tensioned concrete systems. We perform our analysis through finite element modeling and can then create detailed structural and shop drawings for clients. Our offices specialize in high-rise towers and bridge design.

Econstruct Structural Engineering

Precast Engineering

We provide feasibility studies, structural design, alternative options, detailing work and management of ongoing precast projects. By sharing our experience we can provide technical support from the early study stages to execution.
Projects could also be both designed and contracted on a design and build basis.

Econstruct Precast Engineering

MEP Engineering

We design building services and MEP systems for projects in all stages. In addition, we offer peer review services of existing designs for compliance with code and contract requirements. By studying and evaluating alternative designs we can also improve design efficiency and achieve further savings. Our growing building physics team studies energy flow and moisture transfer for a more accurate perception of the built environment over time. This helps us create healthy and comfortable ecosystems using energy-efficient and affordable systems.

Econstruct MEP Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Our geotechnical division designs foundation systems as well as earth retaining structures, excavation supports and ground improvement techniques. We use numerical modeling to study the soil structure interaction and we evaluate sub-surface investigations.

Econstruct Geotechnical Engineering

GTC Laboratory

Offers the most advanced testing systems that are regularly calibrated to current testing standards and can be tailored to suit any specification. Our state of the art facilities consistently provide high quality and reliable results. You can find a more comprehensive list of services here.

Econstruct Geotechnical Labs


A division focused on creating human-aided engineering tools. By working with coding, computational analysis and machine learning we aim to employ technology that empowers and will eventually transform engineering.

Econstruct iCon


For non-conventional projects, where the traditional approach is not sufficient, we offer specialized services with custom solutions. Our work on the 3D printed concrete cartridges of the Office of the future and the GFRC permanent formwork on the One thousand museum are just some of the projects we have been involved in.

3D Concrete Printing