Office of the Future

Office of the Future

Location of Project - City: 
Location of Project - Country: 
United Arab Emirates

The Office of the future is the worlds first fully functional office built using 3D printed concrete elements. It currently serves as a temporary office building for the Dubai Future Foundation during the construction of the Museum of the Future. The office consists of 17 “cassettes” that were printed using a 20 foot tall 3D concrete printer in China. Once shipped to Dubai the cassettes were assembled and erected on site in just a few days. 

Project Type: 
Special Project
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Year of Completion: 
Dubai Future Foundation
Dubai Future Foundation
Architect: Gensler
Architect: Killa
China Construction / Winsun Global
e.construct Services: 
Special Services
Structural Design
Scope of Work: 
e.construct provided structural engineering development, completing performance based design. In addition to being the architect of record, e.construct also managed construction work on site.
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Special Feature: 

The superstructure was 3D printed while the substructure was conventional cast-in-place concrete. Due to 3d printer and shipping limitations the top and bottom portions of each cassette were divided. Each U shaped piece had a maximum length, height, and width of 8.9m, 1.9m, and 2.1m, respectively. 

Special Feature of e.construct Service: 
In absence of design codes for 3D-printed structures, the design was performance-based. The actual prints were fully tested to a design load equivalent, the final design was then adjusted based on the actual print strength, serviceability capacity and behavior.
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